What’s On My iPhone

Hello everyone! For this week’s post, things are gonna get a little tech-y. I love knowing what apps my favorite bloggers and youtubers have on their phones because some of them are super useful for the blogger lifestyle and some are just useful for personal reasons. Today I figured I’d let you in on what apps I love on my phone (I’m a little app snobby so outside of typical social media, you may notice I don’t have many apps), which include:

  • Pinterest- I am in love with Pinterest. I love having all of my pins organized into their respective boards and I love the inspiration I can get from it. You don’t know how many times I’ve based shopping sprees off of my outfit boards.
  • Boomerang- Now, if you’re a blogger, I’m sure you know of this app (and even if you aren’t because come on it’s so much fun). It’s not the most useful of them all because it doesn’t do much, but if you want a cute little upload for your insta-story or any other social media platform that isn’t just a still photo, then this is the app to use.
  • Afterlight- I know instagram already has filters and ways you can edit your photos before you upload them, but I love this photo-editing-app more for a couple reasons, 1) I don’t have to just upload it to instagram, I can save the edited photo and upload it elsewhere and 2) it offers tons more ways to manipulate the photo and make it just the way I want it.
  • Hautelook- If you love fashion and getting a good deal on an item, then this one is for you. Hautelook is run by Nordstrom and offers up different deals on designer clothing for way less than they usually cost. The deals change often so you’re never stuck looking at the same clothing for months on end.

I highly recommend every one of these apps if you’re in the market for something like them. Also, comment below what apps you love using and find useful, I’d love to know what other bloggers are using too! Make sure to like this post and follow if you want to see more things like this. Have a great rest of your week! (:


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