May Monthly Favorite

Happy June!! It’s officially summer in my opinion and I cannot wait to relax for the next three months straight (ya know, besides working). With that, the favorite I had for May goes perfectly with the fact that summer is underway. I was non-stop using Jergens Natural Glow tinted lotion in the shade fair to medium.

Here are the features of this product:

  • smells amazing
  • gives a nice subtle hint of color after about three days of use
  • SO moisturizing
  • Doesn’t make you look orange

I know so many people who have tried tinted lotions and felt like they either weren’t moisturizing or made their skin a fake tan color, which no one likes. Jergens, however, doesn’t do any of that. It’s such nice quality and makes you skin look glowing. I will continue to use this until I die because it’s that good of a product. I highly recommend this to anyone, who like me, doesn’t always have the time to tan or get out in the sun as often as you’d like, to get a little color.

Here is a photo of my legs just after shaving (so with practically baby-new skin) and my left leg has nothing on it and my right leg has just one coat of the tinted moisturizer. The photo was taken just seconds after applying and you can already see a difference!


Let me know if you all have any tinted moisturizers that you love too and I’ll have to try them out! I love Jergens, but I’m open to trying other great products too. I’ll see you all next week with another post!


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