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Hello friends!

If you’re new here, I’d like to say welcome! This is a blog with content mostly about beauty and lifestyle – and a few things in between. As of right now, I post every Wednesday at 12:00pm EST, but I may change it to twice a week if traffic starts to pick up here. It is still a work in progress, but I’m loving every second of creating content and reaching new people through this blog. Please feel free to click on the different pages and explore the blog a little. If you scroll past this introductory post then you will see my most recent ones. I hope you all enjoy the content!

Welcome to Grace Given, Chanel Wearin’

Summer Goals

Hello friends! I hope everyone’s June is going well so far. Mine has been a roller coaster of sorts, but I’m getting through it. For this blog post I just want to talk about some of my goals for the summer. I’ll categorize them into 1) personal, 2) work, and 3) financial goals this way there isn’t just a giant random mix. I’m also going to include how I plan to meet some of the more difficult ones. Here are my Summer 2017 Goals:


  • Build muscle and stay toned- For the summer I will have a membership to a gym where I plan to go on the days I don’t have work, so about 2-3 times a week if I can. I’d really like to just stay healthy and toned leading into the fall semester because I’m really bad at keeping up with my fitness once school starts (maybe a goal to try to hit when school starts?)
  • Stay in control of my anxiety- Last summer was really difficult for me anxiety wise and it put a bit of a strain on myself and I’m sure the others around me. I work really hard at managing it, and so far I’m doing really well with coping and keeping it in check. Here’s hoping I can keep it that way for the rest of the summer!
  • Spend as much time as I can with friends and family (since I don’t work literally every day this summer)


  • Prepare myself for my internship coming this fall- I’ll be interning at a memory home for older adults with dementia and alzheimer’s. I have a program proposal that I’ll be getting set up and finalized by the time fall semester rolls around
  • Find a job more suitable with my time schedule during the school year


  • Save at least $4,500- This one is probably going to be the most difficult out of all of them, but it needs to happen. So far, I have a budget worked out on Excel (thank you intro to stats for helping me understand Excel) that I can adjust as needed, but it’s pretty much set for the summer and allows me to see how much I can save without depriving myself of a few “treat yo self” moments or not paying my bills. I’m also a proclaimed (by my parents) money hoarder anyway, so I tend to not really spend that much extra money on myself which comes in handy for situations like this.

This is a lot to tackle, but if any of you know me, you know that I’m a very strong-willed and goal-driven person. I’m hoping that I can get at least most of these done and if I can do that then I’ll be happy. Let me know what goals you all have for the summer in the comments! Until next week. (:

What’s On My iPhone

Hello everyone! For this week’s post, things are gonna get a little tech-y. I love knowing what apps my favorite bloggers and youtubers have on their phones because some of them are super useful for the blogger lifestyle and some are just useful for personal reasons. Today I figured I’d let you in on what apps I love on my phone (I’m a little app snobby so outside of typical social media, you may notice I don’t have many apps), which include:

  • Pinterest- I am in love with Pinterest. I love having all of my pins organized into their respective boards and I love the inspiration I can get from it. You don’t know how many times I’ve based shopping sprees off of my outfit boards.
  • Boomerang- Now, if you’re a blogger, I’m sure you know of this app (and even if you aren’t because come on it’s so much fun). It’s not the most useful of them all because it doesn’t do much, but if you want a cute little upload for your insta-story or any other social media platform that isn’t just a still photo, then this is the app to use.
  • Afterlight- I know instagram already has filters and ways you can edit your photos before you upload them, but I love this photo-editing-app more for a couple reasons, 1) I don’t have to just upload it to instagram, I can save the edited photo and upload it elsewhere and 2) it offers tons more ways to manipulate the photo and make it just the way I want it.
  • Hautelook- If you love fashion and getting a good deal on an item, then this one is for you. Hautelook is run by Nordstrom and offers up different deals on designer clothing for way less than they usually cost. The deals change often so you’re never stuck looking at the same clothing for months on end.

I highly recommend every one of these apps if you’re in the market for something like them. Also, comment below what apps you love using and find useful, I’d love to know what other bloggers are using too! Make sure to like this post and follow if you want to see more things like this. Have a great rest of your week! (:

May Monthly Favorite

Happy June!! It’s officially summer in my opinion and I cannot wait to relax for the next three months straight (ya know, besides working). With that, the favorite I had for May goes perfectly with the fact that summer is underway. I was non-stop using Jergens Natural Glow tinted lotion in the shade fair to medium.

Here are the features of this product:

  • smells amazing
  • gives a nice subtle hint of color after about three days of use
  • SO moisturizing
  • Doesn’t make you look orange

I know so many people who have tried tinted lotions and felt like they either weren’t moisturizing or made their skin a fake tan color, which no one likes. Jergens, however, doesn’t do any of that. It’s such nice quality and makes you skin look glowing. I will continue to use this until I die because it’s that good of a product. I highly recommend this to anyone, who like me, doesn’t always have the time to tan or get out in the sun as often as you’d like, to get a little color.

Here is a photo of my legs just after shaving (so with practically baby-new skin) and my left leg has nothing on it and my right leg has just one coat of the tinted moisturizer. The photo was taken just seconds after applying and you can already see a difference!


Let me know if you all have any tinted moisturizers that you love too and I’ll have to try them out! I love Jergens, but I’m open to trying other great products too. I’ll see you all next week with another post!

My 3-Step Morning Skin Routine

Happy Wednesday everyone! Now that I’m back home for the summer and have a more flexible working schedule, I get to appreciate my morning time a bit more – especially since I’m a total morning person. However, I figured I’d show you the quick morning routine I’ve been using for most of the year. Below you’ll find all of the products I use and my step-by-step process.

*Please note that this is also done after showering (I shower in the mornings because my hair doesn’t agree with showering at night haha)


  1. Cleanse- I have oily/combination skin and sometimes even just between getting out of the shower and getting dressed my skin is already kind of oily again, so I just use Simple Micellar water on a cotton pad to just cleanse my skin one more time before I use the rest of my products. However, if that doesn’t happen or I do all of this before I get dressed, then in the shower I use Dove white bar soap and a washcloth to scrub my face.
  2. Apply Skin Cream/Scrub- I use Adapalene Gel, which is a prescription skin cream that I get through my dermatologist because without it my skin is a nightmare, but I haven’t had real acne in years because of this stuff. I apply it all over my face with my hands, which are clean from my shower, and rub it into my skin. However, when I didn’t have access to this, a good charcoal scrub did wonders too.
  3. Moisturize- Once the skin cream has dried, I apply Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion all over my face, but most importantly around my lips and nose because for some reason I tend to get really dry and red skin there (even though it’s part of my T-zone). This lotion is perfect for during the summer because it’s not too heavy, however, I’ve discovered I’ll need something a little more moisturizing during the winter.

I do these steps every single day and I’ve been complimented so many times on my complexion. When I have the time, I do take some extra steps to help keep my skin clean so if you’d like to see a more pampered morning routine then like this post or comment down below! I’ll see you all back here next Wednesday!

Blog Goals for the Summer

Happy Wednesday everyone! I cannot believe it’s nearly June, which means summer!! For me, with summer comes a lot more free time because instead of being a full-time college student, part-time worker, and managing my social life too, I only have to worry about two of those things! Summer allows me to grow, have more fun,  and motivate myself to do more things. In saying that, this post is going to be about how I would like my blog to grow throughout the summer. Here are some goals that I’d like to accomplish:

  • Upload twice a week- I’ve noticed that within the past few weeks I’ve been getting a more significant amount of likes and views on here than I was before. I started this blog with the intention of reaching people who are interested in the same things I am and to have somewhere to allow my creativity to flow. For me it’s not about the numbers – if I reach five people then that’s great, if I reach 100 then that’s great too! However, with more people coming here, I would like to have a little more content to keep them interested. I’m going to continue to see if this pattern of views continues and if it does then there will be an upload change coming!
  • Use my DSLR- I started up this blog while in the middle of this school year, essentially, and I didn’t bring my Nikon DSLR camera with me to school. This means that any photos you’ve seen on here haven’t been any more professional than an iPhone camera. That being said, I’d really love to start incorporating some better quality photos into my posts, using my actual camera and editing software (Adobe Lightroom for anyone who is curious). Also, flatlays will become a thing once I get home.
  • Reveal myself- Even though I’ve had this blog for months now, I still haven’t uploaded an actual photo of myself to show you all who is behind this blog. This again has to do with the fact that I don’t have my Nikon and editing stuff at school with me, but it’s coming!
  • Private domain- One thing I’ve been looking into is getting a private domain for this blog because it’s way more professional and it just looks nicer when posting the link to here on social media and such. However, that’s quite an investment and I’d like to see my blog grow a little more to make sure it’s worth it. If this goal is reached it’ll probably be one that happens toward the end of the summer.

Those are the main goals I have for my blog this summer and I’m going to try really hard to make it happen. It’s thanks to you all who read my blog too that motivate me to continue a grow through this platform. I’ll see you here next Wednesday!

My Top 5 Favorite Blogs

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday and congratulations to anyone reading this who just graduated college! Mid to late May is such an exciting time for college students and high schoolers are almost done as well!

For this weeks post I thought I’d mention a few of my favorite blogs to read. If you’re like me, you’re always trying to find new bloggers to keep up with and bounce creative ideas off of each other! So, without further ado, here are my top five favorite blogs:

  • Tanya Burr– Tanya’s blog is similar to mine in that it covers several different topics, including, beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. I also really love her writing style. It doesn’t seem too formal and you feel like you’re just sitting down and having a chat with her while you’re reading it
  • Fleur De Force– Fleur is a beauty guru and even just came out with her very own Mac collaborated lipstick! Her blog is extremely aesthetically pleasing and she gives great advice when it comes to all things beauty
  • Samantha Maria– Sammi is a super stylish and always-up-to-date-with-trends type of blogger. Her style is edgy meets feminine and I love it. Also, if you love puppies then you’ll fall in love with hers
  • Kate La Vie– Kate is a recent discovery (as of about two days ago) and I fell in love almost immediately. He blog is super feminine and again, covers a wide range of topics. Also, she’s recently engaged so if you love all things wedding then she’s a great one to take a look at
  • Kendra Atkins– Kendra is the ultimate super mom and her husband plays a huge role as well. I may not be a mom, but I love sweet little babies and her twin daughters are the cutest things ever. She also covers topics such as makeup, skin care, and lifestyle which I find very helpful

Those are my top five favorite blogs that I keep up with and I highly recommend you follow them to/subscribe to get emails when they upload if any peak your interest! Also, if you like watching youtube videos, all of these bloggers have channels that are basically a visual representation of their blogs. Comment down below if you have any blogs to recommend! Hope you all like this post and I’ll be back next week!

Beauty Product Wish List

If you’re anything like me, then anytime a blogger or youtuber mentions a new beauty product, you HAVE to try it out yourself. Growing up, I wasn’t always super interested in makeup or skin care – and I still don’t wear that much makeup on a daily basis – but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve fallen in love with the beauty industry. However, as a college student working a just-above-minimum-wage job, I don’t have tons of money to spend on the newest makeup and skin care products. This means that I have a giant wish list of products that I would love to get my hands on to try out. I thought I’d share with you all some of the things on my list! I put links below to all of the products and they can all be found on Ulta. I personally prefer to shop there because they have a rewards system that is actually worth it.

Makeup Products:

Skin Care Products:

So many things I want and so little extra money to buy them. Let me know if any of you have these products and what products you really want to get your hands on! Remember to share and follow my blog if you’re enjoying it! (: